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Funding Initiatives
The Suwanee River Water Management District is committed to restoration and protection of water and related natural resources in north-central Florida. This requires projects, programs, and plans that focus on ensuring adequate and sustainable water supply, improving and maintaining good water quality, restoring and protecting natural systems, and providing flood protection.

Described below are the District’s cooperative funding programs and grant opportunities for projects that work to achieve the above goals.

Cooperative Funding Programs

Regional Initiative Valuing Environmental Resources (RIVER) Cooperative Funding Program
County governments, municipalities, water supply authorities, and other interested government entities can apply for funding from the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) for projects that enhance or address the District's water supply, water quality, flood protection, and/or natural system responsibilities. Eligible projects include those that conserve our water supply, protect springs, develop alternative water supplies, advanced aquifer recharge, improve water quality, enhance or restore natural systems, and provide improved flood protection. To submit any RIVER project proposal please use the District’s online project portal.

Agricultural Cost-Share Program
The District and FDEP are providing cost share funds to assist agricultural producers with projects to maximize irrigation system efficiency and advanced management tools that save water across the Suwannee River Water Management District (District). Also, funds are available for dairy farms to enhance their wastewater management systems. These funds help protect and conserve water resources in the river basins as well as the hundreds of outstanding springs in our District. The District's Ag Team coordinates these projects.

For more information on this cost-share program, please visit the Agricultural Cost-Share Program webpage.

State Springs Grant Program
Under the leadership of Governor Scott, the Florida Legislature established a record amount of dedicated funding to restore and protect Florida’s springs. Springs are important natural, social, and economic resources for the entire State. The springs throughout the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) support North Florida’s tourism and natural resource based economy.

Under the State Springs Grant Program, administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, funds may be used for land acquisition to protect springs and for capital projects that protect the quality and quantity of water that flows from springs. To submit any SPRINGS project proposal please use the District’s online project portal.

Additional information on SPRINGS projects may be found on the FDEP Springs Restoration page.

Grant Opportunities for Schools

High School Water Quantity/Quality Grants
High schools within the District's 15-county boundary can apply for funding consideration for projects that implement water conservation, water quality improvement, or efficient irrigation management. For more information on this program please visit the High School Water Quantity and Quality Grants webpage.

Projects Dashboard

The District has created a dashboard to showcase the variety, benefits and status of the different projects it has underway. This is a new outreach effort to illustrate the multitude of projects the District participates in and the benefits in water conservation and water quality improvements they provide.

The benefit numbers used are approximations and were submitted by the project sponsors. The District reviews the numbers but does not verify the accuracy of the calculations. Please note, some projects, such as Precision Agriculture, have multiple subcontracts within the larger program. Thus the total project number is much larger.

Projects Dashboard


For more information, please contact the Project team at 386.362.1001 or by email at .