Suwannee River Water Management District

Aerial Photography Services (90505)

Aquatic Ecological Services (92640)

Architectural Contractors (90607)

Banking Services (946-25)

Building Contractors (96820)

Business Plan Development Services (96110)


Computer Hardware and Software Vendors (91828)

Concrete and Metal Products (21000)

Construction Materials-Not Classified (150-10)

Construction of Equestrian Arena (91222)

Construction, Communication Equipment (91316) (including towers)

Construction/Fill and Grade (91223)

Crushed Rock (75035)

Electrical Service (91438)

Engineering Services (92500)

Environmental Audit Contractors (92623)

Fencing (98815)

Financial/Auditing Services (94620)

Fire Alarm Systems, Power Sirens and Controls (34016)

Fire Management (94741)

Fire/Water Damage Restoration (91024)

Forestry Consulting Services (94745)

Forestry Management (95845)

Geophysical/Geotechnical Services (90639)

Grant Writing Services (94652)

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Handlers (92645)

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance (91036)

Historical/Archaeological (95630)

Human Resources Consulting (91865)

Hydrologic Services (96143)

Information Consulting Services (91573)

Insurance Providers (95300)

Janitorial Supplies & Services (91039)

Laboratory and Scientific Equipment (41100000)

Land Parcels (951)

Land Use and Cover Mapping (90504)

Land, Rental or Lease (971-35)

Landscape Architecture (90656)

Landscape Services (98836)

Legal Services, Attorneys (96149)

Light Weight Aggregate (75056)

Maintenance and Repair, Parking Lot and Alley (91375)

Map Automation (96120)

Microfilming (91468)

Modeling Services/Hydrologic Analysis (96220)

Mowing Services (98835)

Portable Sanitation (94760)

Printers (96500)

Promotional Items (03752)

Property Boundary Line Maintenance Services (96859)

Raking Services, Pine Straw (94774)

Real Estate Appraisers (94615)

Real Property Rental or Lease (97135)

Realty Brokerage Services (95883)

Recreation Facility Construction (98800)

Recreation Site Maintenance (94750)

Restoration Services (96273)

Seed, Sod, Soil, and Inoculants (79000)

Seedling Production (94781)

SFI Certification Audit of Land Management Practices

Sign Construction (93674)

Site Preparation (94781)

Surveying Services (90682)

Telecommunications (98577)

Terrestrial Ecological Services (98577)

Timber Appraisers (94701)

Timber Buyers (94752)

Training/Development (92435)

Tree Planting Services (94703)

Tree Surgeons (94704)

Trucking (962-86)

Vehicle Maintenance (92815)

Water Quality Sampling/Analysis Services (96148)

Water Resource Planning and Education (92400)

Weed and Vegetation Control (98889)

Well Drilling (96296)

Wetland Ecological Services (96131)

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