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Aquifer Recharge Concepts
Regional withdrawals from the Upper Floridan aquifer since the turn of the 20th century led to declines in the potentiometric surface in southeast Georgia, and north-central and northeast Florida. The Suwannee River Water Management District and St. Johns River Water Management District are working together to assess the impacts these declines may be having on their natural systems, including springs and river flows and lake levels.

Additionally, the two districts are studying ways to recover the regional aquifer levels in their jurisdictional areas primarily through water resource development projects. Specifically, the districts are developing aquifer recharge concepts following two primary strategies: 1) the Upper Floridan Aquifer Regional Recharge Concepts and Feasibility Study (Study), and 2) the North Florida Aquifer Replenishment Initiative (Initiative).

The basic concept for both strategies is to utilize two primary sources of available water (surface water and/or reclaimed water) and recharge the Upper Floridan aquifer at strategic locations within the general area of natural recharge or other areas that will have significant benefits to the aquifer. Replenishing the Upper Floridan aquifer will benefit natural systems and contribute to sustainable water supply for the region.