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Using District Lands

Most District lands are natural areas with no developed recreational facilities. The Public Use Guide lists all District lands and the activities allowed on them.

Tracts listed in the at-a-glance table offer the best recreational opportunities, but all properties are open to exploration by hikers, bikers, and equestrians (except where specifically prohibited).

Public roads are maintained for vehicular travel; however, administrative and seasonal roads are not maintained as recreational facilities, so they should be used at your own risk.

Hunting opportunities are available on the District lands that are designated as Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs).

Some activities, such as group use and canoe camping, require a free Special Use Authorization (SUA), which may be obtained from the District.


District lands are managed to offer high quality family experiences to all visitors. Please follow the rules and reminders listed below so that everyone may enjoy their time in these beautiful natural areas (FAC 40B-9).

  • District lands are open during daylight hours every day
    (unless authorized by SUA)
  • Alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants are prohibited
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and non street-legal vehicles are prohibited
    (except by SUA at Mallory Swamp)
  • Dumping of trash is prohibited, except as allowed by wildlife management area rules
  • Pets must be kept on a leash; no free-roaming dogs
  • The possession of firearms or other similar devices must comply with Chapter 790 Florida Statutes
  • Removal or disturbance of trees, plants, soil, minerals, or cultural resources is prohibited
  • Visitors should practice "leave no trace" ethics by taking all trash and equipment when leaving District lands

Please report all suspicious activities to the District, the local sheriff, or a wildlife officer at 888.404.3922.


Certain natural conditions, plants, or animals encountered on District lands could be dangerous. It is your responsibility to exercise reasonable caution and care in threatening situations or areas.

View a description of What to Expect on District Lands

Notice of Statutory Limitation of Liability
Subject to the limitations therein, Section 373.1395, Florida Statutes, provides that the District owes no duty of care to keep its park areas or lands safe for entry or use by others or to give warning to persons entering areas or lands of any hazardous conditions, structures, or activities thereon.

The District does not, by providing any of its park area or land for outdoor recreational purposes, extend any assurance that such park area or land is safe for any purpose; does not incur any duty of care toward a person who goes on park area or land; and is not responsible for any injury to persons or property caused by an act or omission of a person who goes on park area or land.


May 29, 2015 - The District will be conducting a prescribed fire on the Santa Fe River Ranch tract in Alachua County. For the safety of recreational users, public access to burn areas will be closed during burning operations. Contact Scott Gregor, Natural Resource Specialist at 386.362.8130 for additional information.