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Rules & Statutes
District rules and regulations are created and adopted in order to comply with Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code. Links to pertinent sections of the statutes and code are provided below.

The District has cooperated with Governor Scott's recently created Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform (OFARR) by conducting a review of the District's rules in the manner directed by OFARR and consistent with Executive Orders 11-01 and 11-72. The District identified each data collection rule and each revenue rule. The information developed from this process is available to the public by clicking on the following links: and

District Rules
General and Procedural Rules
40B-2 Permitting of Water Use
  Water Use Permit Applicant's Handbook (PDF, 2.28MB)
40B-3 Permitting of Well Construction
40B-4 Works of the District Permits
40B-5 Permitting of Artificial Recharge Projects – Cooperative Review of Underground Injection
40B-8 Minimum Flows and Levels
40B-9 Water Management Lands Acquisition Procedures
40B-21 Water Shortage Plan
40B-400 Environmental Resource Permits
  ERP Applicant's Handbook Volume I
  ERP Applicant's Handbook Volume II (PDF, 4.19MB)

Florida Statutes
Chapter 120 Administrative Procedure Act
Chapter 373 Water Resources
Chapter 403 Environmental Control

Related Florida Administrative Code
18-20 Florida Aquatic Preserves
18-21 Sovereignty Submerged Lands Management
28-104 Uniform Rules of Procedure
62-40 Water Resource Implementation Rule
62-302 Surface Water Quality Standards
62-303 Identification of Impaired Waters
62-304 Total Maximum Daily Loads
62-330 Environmental Resource Permits
62-340 Delineation of the Landward Extent of Wetlands and Surface Waters
62-345 Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method
62-42 Minimum Flows and Levels
62-531 Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirements
62-532 Water Well Permitting and Construction Requirements
62-555 Permitting, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Public Water Systems
64E-8 Drinking Water Systems