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Environmental Resource Permit
How to Apply
Here are some tips for completing the environmental resource permitting process:

First, visit the Environmental Resource Permitting Documents page to obtain a copy of 62-330, F.A.C. The document establishes the thresholds for activities which are exempt or which require a permit. Unless specifically stated in the rule, exempt activities do not require authorization from the District.

For projects that are exempt but require authorization or activities which require a permit, the next step is to obtain a copy of Applicant's Handbook Volume I. This document explains the process for the review, issuance, construction, inspection, completion and transfer of the project.

Next review 40B-1, F.A.C. This document lists the application fees (section 40B-1.706, F.A.C.) that are required for application processing and the amount of surety (40B-1.704, F.A.C.) that may be required.

Finally, review Applicant's Handbook Volume II. This  document provides the design criteria to follow in order to assure the project meets all conditions of issuance.

If you need assistance in preparing the application, you can arrange a pre-application conference with District staff. The District strongly suggests and recommends pre-application meetings. Pre-application meetings should reduce the occurrence of a request for additional information and potential time delays by addressing errors and omissions prior to the submittal of the application. To schedule a pre-application conference, please contact a member of the ERP review team in the Division of Resource Management at 386.362.1001 or email .

When the design of the project is complete and you are ready to submit to the District, use the E-Permits button on the left-hand side. The E-permitting site will require you to create an account. Once an account has been created, you can submit all information, documents and fees that are required for the ERP program. If E-permitting is not an option, you may complete the appropriate application. The application forms are linked from the Environmental Resource Permitting Documents page. Other documents required for a complete application are listed in Part 4 of Applicant's Handbook Volume I.

Mail or deliver your application and supporting information to:

Suwannee River Water Management District
Attn: Resource Management
9225 CR 49
Live Oak, FL 32060

Upon receipt of the application package by mail or delivery, the information will be scanned and entered into the E-permitting system by District staff. Resource Management staff will review your application and respond within 30 days. Most environmental resource permit applications involve a site visit by District staff.

Please be advised that if your project is located along, adjacent to, or within a sovereign submerged land, as defined in Florida Department of Environmental Protection's (FDEP) Chapter 18-21, Florida Administrative Code, a Sovereign Submerged Lands (SSL) authorization may be required. Most small or minor activities requiring a SSL authorization are handled and issued by the District. If you have questions about this permit, please call District staff at 386.362.1001, or contact FDEP (

Self-Certification Information
Effective July 1, 2012, electronic self-certification to the department or water management district that certifies the proposed system was designed by a Florida registered professional and meets the requirements listed below is allowed by Subsection 403.814, Florida Statutes (10-2 rule).

  • The total project area involves less than 10 acres and less than 2 acres of impervious surface;
  • No activities will impact wetlands or other surface waters;
  • No activities are conducted in, on, or over wetlands or other surface waters;
  • Drainage facilities will not include pipes having diameters greater than 24 inches, or the hydraulic equivalent, and will not use pumps in any manner;
  • The project is not part of a larger common plan, development, or sale; and
  • The project does not cause:
    • Adverse water quantity or flooding impacts to receiving water and adjacent lands;
    • Adverse impacts to existing surface water storage and conveyance capabilities;
    • A violation of state water quality standards;
    • An adverse impact to the maintenance of surface or ground water levels or surface water flows established pursuant to s. 373.042 or a work of the district established pursuant to s. 373.086.

To apply, visit the DEP Business Portal, click "Apply," then "Build," and then "10/2 Self-Certification."

For more information about the statute and help determining whether your project meets the requirements or confirmation that it does, please contact the District at 386.362.1001.

Environmental Resource Permit Forms

The E-Permitting page has all fillable forms in the system. Any form you will need can be completed in E-permitting. If E-permitting is not an option, visit our Environmental Resource Permitting Documents page to view and download or print Environmental Resource Permit forms such as the Environmental Resource Permit Application, As-Built forms, Construction Commencement Notice, and others.

Application Notification

Interested in seeing applications received within the last 30 days? According to Florida Statutes 373.116 and 373.118, the District must post notification of environmental resource permit applications. View applications received within the last 30 days via the link below.

Environmental Resource and Works of the District Permit Application Folder

Note: Scanned documents posted on this site may contain errors due to imperfections of the imaging process. The District does not guarantee the quality or suitability of scanned documents and shall not assume liability for errors associated with the use of data obtained from said documents. Users may verify information by contacting the District at 386.362.1001.

Accelerated Permit Review

The District offers an Accelerated Permit Review (APR) process, which reduces the time a permit is reviewed from 30 days to two business days. ERP projects that qualify for an APR must meet certain criteria, rules and conditions of issuance as listed in Chapter 40B-4 and 62-330, F.A.C. Provided the permitee follows all guidelines required for the accelerated process, an applicant may have a permit in hand within 3-7 business days from the date the application is received. There is a $1,000 charge to cover administrative costs in addition to the actual permit fee. For more information about the program, please contact a member of the ERP review team in the Division of Resource Management at 386.362.1001 or email .

View Issued Permits

Environmental Resource Permits issued by this District may be viewed in the E-permitting system. Environmental Resource Permits issued by all five water management districts and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection may be viewed at